Get Started on Amazon Mechanical Turk: Your Simple Guide to Account Approval

All people get excited when they hear about making money online. There are numerous websites and ways to earn money online by completing simple tasks. However, if you question whether all those websites are genuine, suspicions will arise in your mind.

Many online make-money sites are scams, and numerous people have lost their money by investing. So, in this article, we will explore Amazon’s popular website known as Amazon Mechanical Turk, or Mturk, for genuine money-making opportunities. The giant e-commerce shopping company Amazon owns the site.

Now, let’s see an overview of Mturk. Getting Mturk account approval at this time is challenging since Amazon Mturk restricted some countries from joining this platform in 2015.

Mturk Account Approval

What is Amazon Mechanical Turk or Mturk

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a crowdsourcing platform where you can make some money by completing simple tasks. This site is very popular in India compared to the USA because Mturk rewards workers in dollars, and in India, one dollar equals above seventy rupees. Between 2012 and 2018, this site was trending among people.

Workers earned more money by doing easy hits. Mturk launched on November 2, 2005, and in the starting stage, no one knew the value of Mturk. After realizing that the tasks are simple and easy, people began to create accounts.

What to Do After the Mturk Account is Approved?

Once the account is approved, workers need to work on Mturk for at least 10 consecutive days, completing at least 1 HIT (Human Intelligence Task) per day. After the initial 10 days, they can work at any time, any day, as Mturk operates as a 24/7 platform with tasks available around the clock.

What are Hits in Mturk?

In Mturk, HITS are abbreviated as Human Intelligence Tasks, and they are posted by Mturk requesters. Workers are required to complete the tasks within a specific time duration. If the time duration expires, the HITS will be marked as expired and can be picked up by another worker. Therefore, when grabbing Mturk HITS, ensure to complete all of them instantly within the given time limit.”

What Type of Hits Requesters are Will Assign on Mturk Mostly

Data entry, bill information gathering, data processing, matching, translation, and transcribing are all types of HITs available for work. Additionally, these HITs are easy and simple to complete.

How Long Does Take Time to Approve Hits?

It depends on the requester; the majority of requesters will approve HITs within 15 minutes. However, big rewarded HITs, such as those from survey requesters, may take 1 to 2 days to approve

Which MTurk Hits are Paid High Rewards to Workers?

Surveys, Scoutit, Ibotta, P9r, and Scoutit Same are currently high-paid HITs on Mturk

How Does Amazon Mturk Platform Work?

Mturk also allows requesters to create and assign HITs to workers. Requesters create tasks and publish them with a specific amount of reward

Getting rewards from the HITS

After completing the HITs, the requester will verify and approve them. Approved HITs are promptly paid to the worker. On fortunate days, workers may even receive a bonus from the requester. Maintaining an approval rate between 99-100 is important, as some HITs require a high approval rate to work on. Therefore, it is crucial to avoid hit rejections, although rejections are rare. When working on Mturk, remain conscious and focused on the task.

Make money with mturk

How to Create and Get Approval Amazon MTurk Account

Creating an Mturk account is as easy as opening a social media account. Follow these steps to prepare for Amazon Mturk account approval.

  1. Go to mturk’s official web address which is “https:///”
  2.  Click the sign-in as a worker
  3.  It will redirect you to Amazon’s sign-in page
  4.  If you already have an Amazon account enter the email address and password to proceed, otherwise choose the create a new Amazon account and create the amazon account filling up the basic details of you
  5.  Once the account is created, it will redirect to the home page of the site where the thousands of Hits are listed to work

But the account is not ready to work yet; Amazon will review it. If the account meets Amazon’s criteria, it will be activated within 2-4 weeks.

How Much Money You Can Make With MTurk

“It depends on your work and the amount of time you spend on Mturk. If you complete all the HITs, you can make a substantial amount of money.

Can You Withdraw Earned Money Directly to the Bank Account

Yes, you can easily transfer your money to your linked bank account that you added for payments. Additionally, there is an option to receive your earnings as an Amazon gift card. Using the Amazon gift card, you can make purchases on the Amazon e-commerce site. Initially, Mturk offers only the gift card option. Once the account becomes eligible to add a bank account, you can do so

What is the Threshold Amount in MTurk

Yes, Amazon Mturk has a threshold amount, so you can’t transfer earned money until it reaches the $100 threshold amount in your account. That is the threshold limit on Mturk.

How Much Money You Can Make Daily

If you work around four hours per day on Mturk, you can easily make ten dollars. Now, let’s do some calculations. For example, if you attend 5 to 10 high-rewarded HITs like survey HITs, how much money can you make in 8 hours per day?

What is the Minimum Reward for the Hits

The single HIT will be assigned a minimum of one cent and a maximum of ten or thirty dollars.

Which Countries are Now Eligible to Get Approval

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, the United States, and the United Kingdom are countries where approval can be obtained quickly.

However, Mturk restricts newly opened accounts from outside the United States. If you are fortunate, you may receive approval.

How to Become a MTurk Requester

Yes, workers can become requesters on Mturk. The main task for requesters is assigning tasks to workers and providing rewards. If you wish to complete batch works, the Mturk requester platform is the best choice.

Hoping you now know more about Amazon Mechanical Turk, so feel free to share it with your friends. Wishing you success in your Amazon Mturk account approval process, and may it not be denied.

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