Important Skills to Become an Android App Developer

Are you an Android developer? If yes, you should know all about Android development. Now, there 2.5 million active Android users are in the world.

What is Android Development?

Android Development is developing Android apps, using the native Java and Kotlin programming language for the Android system.

android developer skills
Android App Developer Skills

History of Android

Google developed the Android operating system. It is Linux based operating system. Not only that, it is an open-source operating system. Initially, the Android operating system was released on September 28, 2003.

So, now in the play store, there are millions of apps and games available to install. How you ever wondered who published those apps and games on the Google play store? The Android developers have developed all those apps and published them via the google play console. 

Android Studio

Google and JetBrains developed the Android studio for developers to develop Android apps. So, the Android studio has all the Android app development necessary tools, including the plug-ins. Anyone can download the android studio IDE from the official Android website.

Android SDK

Android SDK is the software development kit to develop Android apps. All the Android development packages are available in the Android SDK. The Android SDK is necessary to Develop android apps. Without having the Android SDK can not develop Android apps. So, necessary to import the SDK that was downloaded from the web. Or also can install SDK via android studio.

Note: Installing the Android SDK from the Android studio is recommended.

Android Emulators

Android emulators are virtual machines that are needed to run and test Android apps. Emulators are also used to debug Android applications. Android Studio users can install the emulators by choosing the system architecture.

Android Development Components

There are four main components used in Android to develop Android apps. Activity, Broadcast Receiver, Services, and Content Provider are used for the specific purpose. Developers cannot Develop apps without these components in the Android studio. Every Android app that runs on the mobile phone has been built using these components. Let’s see all the purposes of the components.


Activity is the entry point of the Android application, the UI development, and user interaction on the screen can be done using the activity component. Getting input from the user, event handling can be performed on the activity. Without activity components, the app can’t interact with the user. Activity has its lifecycle to perform tasks on.


The service component is used to execute the background operation on the Android operating system. Usually, there are foreground and background services are used in Android development.

Background Service

The Background service can run the background of the operating system without showing any notification to the user.


The foreground service can be run when the app is in the foreground. So, the notification will be popped up when the foreground service is. Likely, the activity component of the service has its lifecycle.

Broadcast Receiver

Broadcast Receivers are used to send messages systems widely. Also, the system can be sent messages to all the apps via the broadcast receiver. The messages boot complete, aeroplane mode, network change, battery information, alarm, and more are delivered by the system broadcast receiver.

Developers also can create a local broadcast receiver to send application-wide messages.

Content Provider

The content provider is used to share the resources with the other apps. Asset Resources, SQL Database Resources, and more can be shared using the content provider.

For example, The WhatsApp sticker apps have been made using the content provider to share the WhatsApp stickers to the WhatsApp app.

Inevitable Android Development Libraries

Image Loading Library

Loading or Displaying the image from the network or the Asset Folder to the image View Is a complicated process. Most Often, the image-loading library Picasso, and Glide are used to load the image without putting in much effort. The glide is an inevitable image-loading library developed by Google.

Restful API

When comest to perform restful operations in the app the Restful is needed. So, the retrofit is the powerful restful API to perform rest operations on the app. Not only that, the CRUD operation is fast than other rest APIs.


Android Developers often use local databases to store the data. SQL databases are used in Android, which is one secured and local database. It is easy to create, retrieve, update, and delete operations in the app.

Room Database

The room database is the new framework introduced to developers to perform SQL operations. It is the robust database than the traditional one.

FAQ Android Development

Which Programming Language I Should Learn to Develop Android Apps?

Initially, java programming was the primary programming language for developing Android apps. Now, Google added another programming language similar to Java that is Kotlin to develop Android apps. So, android developers should need to adapt to both Java and Kotlin programming languages to build Android apps.

Where you can learn Android development?

Google introduced Android documentation to developers to learn Android development quickly. So, the Android documentation is more well-documented than other framework documentation. All the concepts are covered in the Android documentation with proper examples.

Skills Needed for Android Development

Good skills in problem-solving, Java, Kotlin, designing, XML, database, networking, and more are needed to become an Android developer.

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