Helpful Blogging Tools for Blogger and WordPress Utilities

We know many of struggling while writing a new post on site. Here we are going to simplify all your work by using some cool and popular tools. Those utilities will be going to consume your timeless blogging. So let me get started on the subject.

5+ Useful Blogging Utilities For Blogger and WordPress Sites

blogging utilities
Blogging Utilities

1. Word Counter

Many people have been using this tool for many years used for count words in articles or text. Not only that, but you can also know the total number of words in the content. The Wordcounter tool helps to detect grammar mistakes from the pasted article or text and notifies all errors with the red underline in the online editor. If you have any plagiarised content, that will tell you the errors by the red underline indication. So you can get all errors with this tool. One thing about this tool is when you paste the content one time in the Textarea box, then exited after returning to the site, all the content is to reuse in the box.

2. Grammarly

Grammarly is an online web application most people have been using to write articles without facing any grammar mistakes. Every content writer must know this tool to try it. You can validate in Grammarly the Correctness, clarity, Engagement, and delivery of your text document. We can say Grammarly is a free assistant writing tool for proper grammar and punctuation. Grammarly has a feature called plagiarism detection that helps to check whether your web document is copied or not by comparing web documents and major content databases. Grammarly tool developed using powerful automated AI technologies to recognize all grammar mistakes in your content. It will show up all spelling mistake words in the red underlined mark. The other grammar mistakes will be like yellow marks.

The cool feature is the alternative word suggestion feature in this tool. You can use this feature by marking the specific word in the Grammarly document. You will get all synonyms of the word and can replace it by choosing the alternative word from the suggestion. The Grammarly tool has free and premium versions. In the Free version, you will get all the features that we discussed before. Free features are Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation, and Conciseness checking of the content. If you like to upgrade to Grammarly, you can enable Everything in Free, Clarity-focused sentence rewrites, Tone adjustments, Plagiarism detection, Word choice, Formality level, Fluency, and Additional advanced suggestions all these facilities are in the premium version.

3. WebP Generator

For many years we have been using the most known supported image file formats PNG, and JPEG on our website. There is some issue when uploading large images to your site without compressing and losing the quality of the image at the time may feel your webpage would take much time fully to load. Now, Google introduced a new file format called WebP to overcome this issue and mainly designed this format for only websites. Using WebP format images can reduce the loading time of your webpage. Many web geeks have been suggesting to use of WebP file format images. If you don’t know how to create a WebP tool, here is the answer. If you have any image formats, you can convert those images to WebP using the WebP generator. WebP generator tool is a popular WebP converter tool to convert any format images to WebP format.

Note: WebP format only supports the famous browsers Google’s Chrome, Microsoft’s Edge, Firefox, and Apple’s Safari from version number 14.

4. Canva

The most known image editing online utility is the Canva tool. Students to Youtubers, and bloggers have been editing all their images using this tool. You can make a presentation either using an app or a web app. Most of the user’s favorite feature in the Canva app is removing the background by simply clicking one click without highlighting any background area for removal. Canva app has the bulk of predefined templates and images to use free and edit. By upgrading to the premium version of Canva can get attractive and stunning templates and images for free. No more don’t have to hire a professional video editor to edit videos.

Via Canava can do editing and design the way you liked within less time. They provide 30-day free trial version for every new user, and after the end of the trial period, you need to upgrade to the premium version for using all those features. Otherwise, you have free features only.

5. Pixabay and Unsplash

Pixabay has been providing copyright-free images, videos, and music for free. To use all those materials no need to give attribution to the original author. You will not get any problems in the future related to encountering copyright. You can download stunning copyright-free images to utilize everywhere.

But we are recommending using all downloaded images in Pixabay after editing. has 2.3 Million plus free High-Quality and HD images. Download images in higher resolution and the most known file formats in Pixabay. Unsplash site has been giving free music, videos, and images like the platform for use anywhere without giving proper credit to the author. Just download images from those websites and use them on bloggers or websites.

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