Explore the Top Blog Websites to Visit in 2024

Howdy, reader! Great to see you in this awesome article listing the Best Useful Top Blogging Blogs and Websites worldwide. Everything mentioned below relies on the content and users’ integration of the blogs/websites.

Presenting a compilation of top blogs and websites that are to be highly useful for all of us. Come on, let’s dive into the best blogs.

blogging websites
Blogging Websites

Top Tamil Blogs – Incredibly Useful in Our Daily Lives

1. Tamil Tech Guruji – Website

This blog provides the latest updates on technology news, including updated mobile reviews. Tech posts have been consistently published on this website since 2016.

2. Tamil Turn – BlogSpot

Tamil Turn is a BlogSpot site where you can find the latest beneficial information and tips. In addition to informative content, they also share entertaining posts such as GP Muthu videos. The website features a News feed, providing exclusive, breaking, and trending news instantly.

3. Uxtamil – Website

This is a Tamil website where you can find content related to spirituality, health, beauty tips, and cooking advice. This blog will be very useful for both men and women, so don’t forget to visit the website.

They have been publishing content in categories such as beauty tips, science, health, spirituality, relationships, cooking recipes, technology, herbs, lifestyle, and life history. We believe this blog will help us.

4. Viduppu – Website

Good to see you on the entertainment website that is Viduppu Blog | Tamil Cinema News. On this website, you can get the latest cinema, movie, Kollywood, actor, actress actress-related news instantly. So if you are a cinema lover you can visit this website at any time if you want to get cinema news latest updates.

They have been publishing cinema-related posts in these categories Super Star, Tamil Cinema News, Tamilrockers, Thala Ajith, Thalapathy Vijay, Trailers | Cut scenes, Uncategorized Videos.

5. RockersMixTeach – Website

This website will be very useful for those who are new to blogging and website development. The blog contributors have a lot of experience in blogging and website courses.

They have been offering blogging and website courses on their YouTube channel. All the courses on this channel are in Tamil, allowing you to learn blogging, website courses, SEO tips, and tricks for free.
If you wish to learn blogging and website courses on this site, simply visit RockersMixTeach.

On the RockersMixTeach website, they teach blogging, SEO, WordPress, AdSense Earning, Blogger Series, and Blogger Basic Fundamentals. They also provide free blogger templates and backlinks.

6. Hw2Tamil – BlogSpot

Hw2Tamil is a BlogSpot that frequently publishes helpful information such as Blogging Tips, How-to guides for tools, Making Money Online, and Jobs.

Hw2Tamil prepares content from Quora and Facebook groups. They write posts in categories such as Proofs, Statistics, and experts’ thoughts. The included categories on the Hw2Tamil blog are 2MinReads, AdSense, Blogging Tips, Business, C Programming, How2 Make Money, Online Jobs, Online Teaching, Story, and Tools in Tamil.

This blog is useful for those who want to learn something new every day.

7. ValaiTamil – Website

ValaiTamil is a Tamil website primarily functioning as a news platform. You can access news and information from various sections including Religious, Life, Philosophy, Politics, Yoga Meditation, Cinema, Education, Medicine, News, Tamil News Daily, Tamil Magazine, Blogger, Government, Agriculture, Tamil Art and Culture, Uncategorized, Tamil Ebooks, Tamil Language, Literature, and News Reporter.

This website is widely recognized as one of the popular platforms among Tamil News websites, making it a reliable source for Tamil news.

8. TamilLyrics143 -Website

This website is a lyrics site where you can find the lyrics of popular songs from Tamil movies in Tamil, English, and Thanglish.

They have compiled the lyrics of songs from various popular Kollywood music artists, including Anirudh Ravichander, A.R. Rahman, D. Imman, G. V. Prakash Kumar, Harris Jayaraj, HipHop Tamizha, and Yuvan Shankar Raja.

If you’re looking for the lyrics of popular Tamil songs, this website is the best place to find them.

9. Awesome Cuisine [Quick and easy recipes] – Website

Welcome to the cooking-related website, Awesome Cuisine. On this site, you can find a variety of food recipes, with the notable feature that all recipes are presented in the Tamil language. This website is particularly beneficial for Tamil homemakers.
The posted recipes cover a wide range of categories including vegetarian, non-vegetarian, fast food, beverages, desserts, health-conscious options, international cuisines, dishes for kids, festival specials, and a selection of vegetable-based recipes.

10. Rockers Feast – BlogSpot

On the Rockers Feast blog, you can find the latest information about cinema, health tips, and other valuable knowledge that is useful

11. Tervacy

The Tervacy blog covers a range of topics including games, technology, internet-related content, and promo codes.

12. SudharTech

SudharTech is a website that provides articles about Tamil content, catering to the Tamil-speaking audience. They consistently publish valuable articles on a regular basis.

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