Top Study Tips to Crack Olympiad Exam in First Attempt

It is the goal of each student to crack the Olympiad Exam. Many students can do it but many students are not even though they are capable of doing it.

crack olympiad exam
Crack Olympiad Exam

How To Crack Olympiad Exam On the First Attempt

Start At The Earliest

The Most Important thing is to start at the earliest. You should not waste the time. No matter, how far the exams are, you should prepare for them from now onwards. Olympiads are not that much easy Other than your daily work, Olympiad exams should be equally important. Never compare the Olympiad exam study with your regular school homework. Both are different. School homework or studies does not fulfill the requirement for Olympiad studies. For example: just doing school science homework you should not skip the preparation of the science Olympiad for that day Understand the Olympiad syllabus thoroughly. it is important to know What kind of questions will come from which topic. Create a listing of your weak and strong topics on the paper. Start with the topics you like most and which are easy for you. When you will get prepared for easy and strong topics first. Then you would be able to do the questions related to that topic. This will give you confidence that you can do any type of question on this topic. so, when you will start doing tough topics, this confidence will help you in that. and you can concentrate more on your weak or tough topics. Write all the formulas and theorems in a separate notebook if preparing for the math or science Olympiad. try to read them whenever you get time. It is proven scientifically that when you see or read the same thing again and again. Then it gets stored in your subconscious mind, and then you can memorize them for life long.

Time Management

It is not compulsory that only brilliant students can crack the Olympiad exams Even they can also fail to achieve the target they want to and it is just because of no time management It is saying that smart work is better than hard work. You should learn time management in your daily life But it is more advisable for the competitive exams. It is equally important to solve the questions correctly and timely. and that technique can be learned only through time management. 

Attempt As Many Questions A You Can

“Practice makes a man Perfect” This saying is true for students too Try to solve as many questions related to your topic as you can till exams. Read your syllabus book thoroughly and try to solve all exercises given in them Try to attempt the previous year’s question papers and sample papers daily. They are available online and books for these are also available in the market or online. You can also find sample papers and important questions about the math Olympiad on my channel. You can also attempt other similar competitive exam question papers like RMO, silver zone, etc. They will be really helpful. Every organizer of Olympiad exams uploads Mock tests on their website before the main exams so do attempt these mock tests once a week and try to evaluate your work.

Rate Your Work

Rate your work by yourself before anyone else does Try to solve the questions related to your topics daily Your parents/cousins or siblings can help you with this. They can ask you questions related to the topic you prepared whatever rating or feedback you get, then you can check how much you are prepared for the topic Please be faithful towards your ratings because whatever rating you will genuinely give to yourself will help you to understand your preparation if you will get less rating, you will practice more Do not rate yourself than you deserve, it will show you that you are doing great but it is not your goal. You have to make others feel the same and that you are the best !!

Stay Focused, Not Stressed

This is the most important point, you know that I have to bring a high score in Olympiad and I have to crack Olympiad anyhow, these are 2 different sentences You should stay focused on your target but do not get stressed about it. Otherwise, all studies and preparation will be in vain due to this stress during the exam. Please keep in mind these below points to study stress-free and get focused. Take proper sleep of 7-8 hours and drink healthy food because if take complete sleep, your brain also improves and good hormones develop in your body. 

Do Brainteaser Questions Daily

You should be mentally strong. Do not get stressed but stay confident. If you solve any question in the exam, then do not get confused. Recheck it and still if you find it correct then move on to the next question. be confident with your answer to make your concepts strong as a concept is a power. whichever subject you learn please do not learn it like a parrot. You will see that there is no need to learn anything if your concepts are crystal clear. In that case, you will be able to recognize the problem deeply and would be able to solve it quickly. Never jump to another topic if your previous topic is not completed. If you have completed all the questions and exercises on that topic and you are satisfied with your ratings then only move on to the next topic. Do not take stress during the exam. stay calm, read the exam paper carefully If you think any question is difficult, leave it there and move on to the next question. your brain will repeat that tough question in it again and again. You will be able to solve it in the end. Your brain will become sharp if you will use it as much as you can. Brain teasers are a great idea for this. This is a kind of fun-filled quiz in which logical and sometimes illogical questions too can make your mind blow. Let’s try to solve some brain teaser questions Think the answer guys !!! This question is for you !! Comment me on the answer to the last question. try to solve it within 30 seconds. Wondering to crack SAT exam by following some tips.

Reference Books

Eventually, at the end here are some reference books to boost your preparation MTG edition books are helpful in the preparation for Olympiad SOF also recommends these books for Olympiad exams. other than this, go through your NCERT or syllabus book. Learn them by heart. Give preference to books by Pallavi Agarwal for reasoning All workbooks and sample papers are available on Amazon or other online marketing. So, this was my article based on my personal experience of the last many years If you liked the article, please hit the share button. Please share it with your friends to help them in the Olympiad exam preparation. If you have not subscribed to my blog yet so, please subscribe to the blog.

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