Fast DNS for All: Best Low-Latency Options on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac

What is DNS?

DNS is abbreviated – Domain Name System. DNS means every domain has unique IP addresses registered by the domain provider. Just use the domain name registered by the domain service provider of the IP address rather than calling the IP address of the domain directly to visit the site on the internet.


How do DNS changer applications and software work?

Simply the DNS change application or software worked as changing the DNS address in the system or device. The DNS Changer applications and Software once changed the DNS address to a new DNS address. The new DNS address server simply returns fake IP addresses of the website domain IP or app server IP. Some DNS changer applications for Android and IOS are DNS Changer, Free DNS Changer, Change DNS, DNS Changer by Bokada, Speedy DNS Changer, and Engelsiz. Some DNS changer Software for Windows DNS Jumper, QuickSetDNS, SMart DNS Changer, NetSetMan.

Android and IOS Applications:

There are many Android and IOS applications to change DNS on mobile or tablet devices. Here we have listed a few top best DNS changer applications on both Android and IOS platforms. So let me get started listing out the apps.

  1. DNS Changer:
  • Over 10,000,000+ downloads.
  •  4.5 rating by 5
  •  The main features of the DNS changer applications are,
  •  This app doesn’t need root access/permission to work.
  •  World’s first DNS Changer for Android.
  •  Do not consume any mobile system resources RAM, BATTERY, CPU, etc.
  •  Speed Test Feature.
  •  Wi-Fi and Mobile Data Network 
  •  (2G(GSM)/3G(WCDMA)/4G(LTE)/5G) support
  •  Optional IPv4 & IPv6 DNS support
  •  Unblock the restricted web content and app content with very ease.
  •  Browse very faster in the network.
  •  Improve online very fast and smooth gaming experience
  •  Use preconfigured free DNS services and use the custom IPv4 or IPv6 DNS server you want to set
  1. DNSChanger for IPv4 and IPv6
  • Over 10,000,000+ downloads.
  •  4.5 rating by 5
  •  The main features of this app are
  •  Nearly no RAM, CPU, or Battery is consumed
  •  Fast & Reliable
  •  Works without root
  •  Supports Wifi and mobile networks (2G/3G/4G)
  •  Start on the boot feature
  •  Use primary and secondary servers
  •  Enter your own DNS Servers
  •  App and notification can be protected by a PIN
  •  Start when connecting to 3G/WIFI feature
  •  Configure IPv4 and IPv6
  •  IPv6 can be disabled

Windows DNS Changer Software:

DNS Jumper

  • Accessing blocked websites
  •  Improve security by changing to more secure DNS servers
  •  Blocking inappropriate web and app content (Adult content).
  •  Speed browsing without any lag.
  •  This just simplifies the process of manually changing the DNS address.

How to change the DNS address in the Windows operating system?

You can also manually change the DNS address in the Windows system by following these steps.

1. You have to search the pad on the there left corner of the windows by clicking the windows key on your keyboard and then you need to search the control panel and there you could be able to see a desktop app named control panel.

2. Now, you should have opened the control panel up and then in the search bar right up there in the window.

3. Then go to the search option network and you could be able to see an option named Network and Sharing Center next, you need to click on the Network and Sharing Center.

4. Then once that is opened up simply just click Change adapter settings there on the left now once you clicked that you should open up a window that shows all your network connections.

5. So now you need to select the network connection that you are applying to connect to the internet.

6. For instance you are using the Ethernet cable so if you click on the network connection and just you need to right-click on it and click the properties and then in the list of connections there.

7. Then just go to select Internet Protocol version 4 there and then you have to click the Properties button and then the pop-up windows will open there this window is where you can change your DNS server.

So just change your DNS server you just want to select the second option here that says use the following DNS server address and then once you have clicked that you can then enter your preferred DNS server.

8. So, for instance, you are going to be using the Google DNS server so as you can see it is 8 8 8 8 so you have to come back to this window and you have to enter 8 space, 8 space, 8 space, and 8 then you should click OK and then there you go you have now changed our DNS server so just go and see.

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How to check if you have changed the address in the operating system?

You can check the DNS address by using the below command :

Command is:

ipconfig /flushdns in cmd

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