Step-by-Step Instructions for Installing GamePigeon on Your Android

GamePigeon is the popular and trending application among users since it was released in 2016 for iOS devices. After the release for iOS devices, users have been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to install and experience playing this fantastic game on Android devices. Let me guide you through downloading and installing GamePigeon for Android devices.

GamePigeon For Android

Before proceeding to download the game, take a moment to explore the overview of the GamePigeon app. It is a multiplayer game where users engage through the phone’s messaging app. Therefore, only those with the iPhone messaging app can play this game. The iPhone messaging app allows users to seamlessly play the game while having conversations. Fun is guaranteed when playing this game with your friends.

gamepigeon for android
GamePigeon App

There are many small games included in this app to play with your friends. The included games are highly popular and favored by users, which is why it is trending now. The list of games includes 8 ball, 9 ball, 20 questions, anagrams, archery, basketball, checkers, chess, crazy 8, cup pong, darts, dots & boxes, filler, four in a row, gomoku, knockout, mancala, miniature golf, paintball, reversi, sea battle, shuffleboard, tanks, word bites, and word games.

Initially, Poker/Pool was the game included when the app was launched. However, after an upcoming update, the Poker Pool game was removed by the app developer, and it is no longer listed in the Apple App Store’s GamePigeon application description.

Now, you can download and enjoy playing the GamePigeon multiplayer game on both Android and iOS platforms.

Without any delay, let’s delve into how to download and install the GamePigeon app on Android devices.

How can you install the GamePigeon app on the Android platform?

Here are the steps to download and install the GamePigeon app for Android devices.

However, the GamePigeon app isn’t available for Android. Currently, it is exclusive to iOS, and there is no information on whether it will be released for Android in the future.a

If you’re wondering about the operating systems that Game Pigeon supports, it is developed for iOS, specifically for iPhone and iPad devices. The app is not compatible with Android operating systems.

Typically, Android users install apps from the Google Play Store, while iOS users download and install apps from the App Store for iPhone and iPad devices.

As of now, there is no way for Android users to play the GamePigeon games, as the app is designed exclusively for iOS and iMessage games are not supported on Android.

Steps to Download and Install the GamePigeon App for Android devices

Here’s the guide that you need to follow in order to download and install the GamePigeon app on Android.

  1. Begin by downloading the GamePigeon app for Android from here.
  2. Opt for Java Development Kit 9 to avoid potential issues.
  3. Download the necessary Mac files.
  4. Open the web browser on your phone and run the following command to download the macro files.
  5. Allow the terminal command to run successfully.
  6. Execute the command in the terminal.
  7. Use the email ID that you currently use on your Mac; enter it into the input box.
  8. After entering the email address, provide the corresponding password.
  9. Connect your Android device to macOS, preferably using the Messages app.
  10. To log in to the server, input the IP address of your Mac, followed by the email ID and password associated with the server IP address.
  11. Once the server has successfully connected, your Mac device will mirror on your Android smartphone screen. You can also connect another iOS device to your Android device for further exploration.

Note: The delivery time for messages may experience delays. Typically, it will take around 1-2 minutes.

Ensure that you do not forget to enable the terminal command throughout the procedure. This step is crucial as it allows you to connect to the same network connection.

Is this available for Android?

Not yet. The GamePigeon mobile game was initially developed for iOS devices and has not been officially released for Android devices. iPhone users can easily install the Pigeon Game from the App Store. We hope that the developer will release this multiplayer game for cross-platform use, including the Android platform.

The Reason GamePigeon App isn’t Available for Android?

Android users have been asking why the GamePigeon developer hasn’t created the multiplayer game for Android devices. The main reason the game isn’t available for Android devices is that it works with the iPhone Messages app, and that app can’t be installed on Android platforms.

Which Operating System Does GamePigeon Support?

Currently, GamePigeon is only available for the iOS operating system. Users are anticipating the release of the GamePigeon app for Android platforms.

Who developed the GamePigeon app?

Vitalii Zlotski released the app on the App Store on September 13, 2016.

What is the cost of the GamePigeon app?

For iOS devices, the cost of the app is $0.00 USD, which means it is entirely free. There is no need to spend money to install this app.

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