A Detailed Guide for Java Programming Language to Learn in 2024

What is Java Programming?

Java programming is an object-oriented programming language developed by James a Gosling in 1995 by the Sun microsystem. It was the dominant programming language after the C/C++ programming language. Java language was written using the C/C++ native code. So, it’s the speed of the execution of the code is faster. Now, the Java programming language is used to develop hybrid applications and software programs. So, this article discusses Java programming language.

java programming
Java Programming

Why Should You Learn Java?

Java is a great programming language to choose to learn as your first programming language of you. Because, the syntax of Java programming is clean, neat, and easy to understand. So, a beginner easily writes and executes the code without struggling. Also, knowing Java can make your career better in the information technology field.

Because many IT companies and organizations recruit employees who are well in Java. So, it is considered a primary programming language in the IT department. So, learning Java is a good idea if you are from the computer/it department.

Is It Hard to Learn Java Programming?

No, it is easy to understand and write code. If you are already familiar with C/C++, then it becomes so easy. Whenever you learning the concepts in the Java programming language, implement all the concepts as code. It will give some idea to you about how the code is working.

Platform Independent Programming Language

Unlike the C/C++ programming language, java programming is platform Independent. It means the programmer can execute the code on another operating system that compiled code on any other operating system. Also, executes faster than other programming languages.

The Purpose of the Java Programming Language

The Java programming language is used on Android apps, desktop applications, web servers, hybrid applications, and more. Specifically, Java is one of the primary programming languages to develop Android applications. So, if you want to become an Android developer, you should learn Java programming.

Best IDE for Java

Even, programmers can run the Java program on a notepad. But, using the java IDE is the best practice when you working on large projects. So, Eclipse is the best IDE to write Java programming. You can download the Eclipse IDE from the eclipses’ official site.

What is Java SDK

Java SDK is a software development kit that includes developer tools. It eases some kind of operations that has to be done or writing more code to achieve the desired result. Java SDK (Software Development Kit) can be downloaded from the official site of Oracle. You can download the SDK by choosing the right version and operating system respectively.

How to Run Java code

Before running the Java code, developers should be installed the Java SDK on the respective system. Once installed, the Java path should be set to the environment of the system. The below steps show how to run Java code.

1. Open Notepad or text editor

2. Write some Java code

3. Save the file on the working directory as .java

4. Open the CMD or terminal from the working directory.

5. They type the command, javac filename.java

6. Next, run the program using the command java filename.

7. Now, the program will be executed.

Concepts to learn on Java


Strings are a collection of characters, that are used to create the string literal. Most beginners confuse the string with the keyword. It is not, strings are objects. There are two types of memory used in java, one is heap memory another is stack memory.

Function Programming Basics

The functional programming of the Java programming language is similar to C & C++ programming languages. So, C/C++ learners easily understand functional concepts like void function, non-void return type function, static function, parameter function, non-parameter function, and more.

Object-Oriented Programming Langauge Concepts

It is a little bit difficult to understand, the OOPS concepts are classes, polymorphism, inheritance, encapsulation, and more.

Asynchronous Programming

Asynchronous Programming can be done on Java using the threads. Threads are a lightweight process that is used to run programming statements asynchronously. Using threads multiple tasks can be executed simultaneously.


Collections are used to store the different types of objects. The most used collections are ArrayList, linked list, stack, vector, array queue, priority queue, tree set, hash set, linked hash set, and more.

Not only that, there are networking, generics, applets, and more to learn.

What Access Specifiers are Used in Java Programming

Public, Private, Protected, and Default are the four access specifiers that are used in Java programming for various purposes.


JDBC is abbreviated as Java database connectivity. It is used to connect the MySQL database server format to the Java end. It is a popular package to handle the database connectivity server.

Spring Boot

Spring boot is a Java framework developed to ease the backend developers to build result API. The MVC model view Controller is used in the spring boot framework. If your firm is in Java, undoubtedly spring boot is easy to learn.

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