Link Building: The Ultimate Guide to Boosting Your Website’s Visibility

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are normally links that are redirected from the source page to another site with some constraints. Backlinks are playing a vital role in search engine optimization. If the site has more natural backlinks, that site will be considered a high priority on the ranking. So, it is considered one of the ranking factors on the search engine.


Backlinks are needed for new sites to rank on search engines. So, the new site owner can make the backlinks from different methods like asking others for backlink exchange, comments, directory submission, forum submission, profile backlinks, and social media backlinks.

Though, there are many ways to create backlinks those are not the natural way. So, initially naturally create backlinks. If you create valuable content, you will get natural backlinks automatically from the search engines by the various site owners.

Types Of backlinks

You already might be known, that there are two major types of backlinks in SEO. Respectively, one does follow and another does not follow backlinks. Both do-follow and no-follow backlinks are important for SEO to rank pages on the SERPs.

Do follow

The do-follow links syntax is :

<a href=”” rel=”dofollow”>Link Text</a>

When you create a backlink as dofollow, the above link will be implied.

Do follow links means the search engines can follow the links. Also, do the following links considered high-value? When you create the do-follow backlinks for your site/post, it will likely rank higher on the SERPs.


The nofollow links syntax is:

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Link Text</a>

In the nofollow backlink, the nofollow value will be included on the rel attribute. Nofollow backlinks are ignored by search engines, and the value of links is considered less than dofolllow. Though, the nofollow backlink is important to SEO. Nofollow backlinks are mainly used for reference pages and traffic.

Now, next, see how you can create backlinks without putting much effort.

The Ways of Creating Backlinks

1. Social Media Backlinks

This is the most people-using strategy to create quality backlinks for initial growth. Even though the majority of social media backlinks are nofollow, it is also beneficial. So, when creating social media page for the site, don’t forget to add the site link on the website option or add the site address on the page/profile description. Not only that profile backlinks but also share some articles on your page. Also, can create backlinks on sharing articles on the page as a post.

Luckily, if the shared social media backlinks are indexed, the search engines can get traffic from that.

2. Comment Backlinks

Blog commenting is another popular way to create backlinks from high-authority sites. It is an easy procedure to create backlinks by using the comment blogging strategy. In WordPress sites, need to fill up the fields to proceed with the comments. So, fill out every field on the form like name, email, and website address. Doing that can create nofollow backlinks from the comment of the given web address in the field. Also, you can add dofolllow or nofollow backlinks on the comment field by using the piece of the HTML code.

<a href=””>Keyword Text</a>

For example, if the post is written about SEO, you can comment as relevant likely “niche SEO tips”, and afterwards embed the link of your post using the HTML anchor element with the keyword.

Also, don’t create too many comments backlinks because it’s not natural.

3. Forum Submission

Submitting backlinks on forum sites is also another great way to create backlinks.

Need to be Aware When Creating backlinks

1. Check Spam Score – If you decided to create backlinks from the site, check the site’s spam score rate. Because high spam score sites are not healthy for creating high-quality backlinks. When you create backlinks from high spam score sites, also that backlink is considered spammy backlinks.

2. Don’t Create Too Many Backlinks On the Same Domain – it is good when creating 3-4 Backlinks on the same domain. If you create the backlinks by crossing the limit, search engines will recognize those backlinks are created for ranking purposes. So, there is a chance that search consoles or webmasters will deindex the site from the search engines.

3. Create Backlinks on the Relevant Post – This is the most bloggers repeatedly do to create backlinks that are creating backlinks on the irrelevant post. Backlinks are can be given on the relevant post only. Otherwise, all those backlinks are considered spammy backlinks.

4. Don’t Create No Value Backlinks – Every blogger and SEO analyst should aware of this one. Because no value comes to your backlinks URL when creating the backlinks from the less domain authority sites. High authority domains are only given the power of authority to all the backlinks. Those dofollow backlinks are highly effective in search engines.

FAQ About Backlinks

Are backlinks factors to rank on the search engines?

Yes, the backlinks are important to rank the site or page on the search engines. Not only backlinks are involved in ranking there are also many things like content quality, readability, no plagiarised, etc.

How long does it take for the backlinks to work?

It depends on the search engine’s crawler and crawling process. Because backlinks work when the search engine are recognising those given backlinks by crawling and indexing the backlinks included post.

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