6 Essential Steps to Optimize Your Blogger BlogSpot for Search Engines

Believe all of you here must have a blogger site, Here we are going to talk about How to optimize blogger blogspot? and write SEO-friendly posts by following the simple steps that we describe later. Setting up proper settings and customizing your theme makes your blogger unique and robust. It may bring organic traffic to your site directly from search engines. Next, Without wasting time, let me continue setting up Blogger in the correct manner. You will get certain benefits by setting up your blog professionally.

optimize blogger blogspot
Optimize BlogSpot SEO

Benefits of Setting Up a Blogger Site in The Correct Manner

1. People will know the brand name of your site.

2. You could see an improvement in ranking on search engines of your site.

3. Building authority and trust in your site, people will recognize the quality of your content and identify your brand name as well.

4. You will receive visitors from distinct devices like mobile, tablet and foldable devices, etc.

5. You can gain more subscribers to your social pages by adding follow us page on your site as enhancing your site growth.

6. Get High CPC Ads for your site and earn some additional money.

Let’s get into the topic.

Giving Proper Keyword Title

The title plays an important role in Search Engine Ranking on top results and you could see the Title option in blogger settings, so you should set up the proper title for your blog that lets know visitors what your blog niche is about. When you write a new blog post or article, just choose the appropriate keyword-related title. Do not apply the whole keyword as a title. Just put the keyword between the title that has already been chosen. By the title, there is a chance to get ranked on the roof of the search engine.

Adding Proper Description

The description is essential to every blog post or article. Search engine crawlers will rank the post by the description. You can update the description in blogger settings beneath the title option and also in every post editor panel. If you don’t see the Search Description option in the blogger post editor section, you will have to enable it. Simply just go to setting and find out “Visible TO Search Engine” and toggle it to enable the Search Description feature for every post.

Some people have been using black hat SEO in the description that is pasting all the keywords one by one after Hyphen (-), Separation (|), and Comma(,). Even if Google ranks the keywords stuffing post, they will drop the rank of your post reason of black hat SEO afterwards. Also, you will not get AdSense approval for sites that has Keyword stuffing posts. Just write brief information regarding your post that is solid content to your post with the keyword. Most of the visitors will enter the website by seeing the description that you applied. Now, most search engine also takes keyword phrases from your article as a search description. This is very helpful for visitors so that they get the perfect result that they want.

Using Keywords in Alt text and title

Alt text (Alternative Text) is involved in image SEO to rank on the images section, and there is a chance you will have got traffic from organic. Alt text will be placed when the images that you uploaded are not loaded in that place due to a weak internet connection and some other technical issues. Also, Google ranks all images based on the alt title and text. So when you upload images in Blogger, don’t forget to give alt title text (You Preferred Suitable Title) and text (As Keyword). It is better to provide a caption to the image that increases the ranking of images on search engines.

Apply Responsive and Fast Loading Theme To Your Site

Blogger has been providing some default blogger themes since the establishment of Blogger, but all those themes are not convenient to use and only a few themes are responsive, so there are online available free and premium themes for bloggers. Get or purchase online a responsive theme that is compatible with your blogger and apply it to your blogger. The things you have to do before applying to your site. Remove all unwanted links in the theme. Remove Designed/Created/Crafted by copyright trademark from the theme. Check one more time that the template is responsive. Check the template supports the “Canonical URL” format.

Submit Sitemap

The default sitemap of the blogger has some technical problem that is sitemap will be updated after much delay when we publish a new post on blogger. The reason is that most people don’t like to use the default sitemap in the search console. Alternatively, you can use the Atom sitemap provided by the blogger. Just Google the blogger sitemap generator, and you will find “Labnol” to generate an Atom sitemap. Once you have generated the Atom Sitemap, just copy the URL only and submit it on the Google search console first. Then go to the blogger setting, copy the generated sitemap phrases and paste them on the custom robots TXT.


Follow the same structure of the robot’s text phrases. If you change anything in that structure a bit, then it will affect your blogger post ranking on search engines.

Customize your theme professionally

It is not the rule to customize your template, but if you customize your template depending on your niche, that makes your blogger seems so professional.

Hoping you guys enjoyed this useful blogger-related chapter.

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