Pocket FM Full Review: Exploring All Features in 2024

In today’s world, digital technology is growing every day, becoming an inevitable part of our daily lives. We all use it, making it an essential aspect of our routines. This transformation is not limited to specific areas. It extends to our radio experience as well. Initially, we tuned in to FM using radio devices, but with the growth of smartphones, FM features have become part of our digital experiences, seamlessly combining tradition with modernity.

As technology continues to advance, the Pocket FM application has emerged as a user-friendly solution that takes the FM experience to new peaks. It goes beyond traditional radio, offering a more interactive and enjoyable way to engage with content. Pocket FM is not just a technological upgrade, it represents a change in how we connect with radio, making it more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

pocket fm review
Pocket FM Review

Pocket FM

Pocket FM is an online storytelling application funded by three members in 2018. It offers unique and high-quality audio content for entertainment. Many of the Pocket FM audio series are likable by everyone, which is why many people appreciate this application. It is a transformation of traditional radio to modern radio. As the name suggests, users can use this app anywhere by carrying it anywhere to listen. It was developed and originated by the Indian internet company Pocket FM Private Limited (PFPL).

Pocket FM Plans

Like many applications, Pocket FM also gives a trial period of one month. Afterward, you need to make a payment to continue experiencing the Pocket FM series. They will automatically start billing after the trial period ends in the given payment method. 

The plans start from 15 days, 1-month, 3-month, 6-month, 1-year subscriptions. So, the cost for subscriptions is Rs. 49, Rs. 99, Rs. 199, Rs. 449, and Rs. 799, respectively. Also, they provide a trial pack for 25 Rs to experience their app. You can start their trial pack before making a subscription. The VIP membership allows you to watch the series without any interruptions from ads. Moreover, it unlocks access to all VIP series.

Pocket FM supports different major payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, UPI, internet banking, and e-prepaid wallets. This variety of payment options has allowed to make transactions easy and flexible for users.

Pocket FM Supported Platforms

The Pocket FM application is compatible with Android, iOS, and PC platforms, providing facilities for a wide range of users. Installing the Pocket FM application is easy, simply navigate to the respective app stores on your Android or iOS device, or your PC, and start a quick and straightforward installation process as usual. Enjoy the comfort of using Pocket FM across multiple devices, enhancing your radio experience wherever you go.

Pocket FM Full Review

Here we get started with a full review of the Pocket app, including its features and web series on Pocket FM.

Overall Features:

  1. Likable Audio Content: The listed Pocket FM audio content includes genres like drama, comedy, mystery, and more to watch. So, why does this platform have a wider audience to see the content?
  2. High-Quality Content: The high-quality audio experience in the Pocket FM series elevates the quality of the content. It makes users stream and enjoy content. Who doesn’t like original content with high quality?
  3. Stunning User-Friendly Interface: The user-friendliness of this application allows users to navigate without any interruptions. It makes a smooth user experience to stay on the app. Also, the regular updates on the UI/UX are good for the user to improve the streaming journey.
  4. Stream AnyWhere: Yes, Pocket FM allows users to stream content anywhere by simply enabling an internet connection. It is a great entertainment app for when we get bored.

Popular Series to Listen

Pocket FM has been releasing the audio series regularly. “Cupid’s Curse” and “Insta Millionaire” are the most popular audio series on Pocket FM. Many people are installing this app to only listen to these fantastic audio series. Additionally, there is a promo code to access both web series on Pocket FM. Users can also unlock these audio series by using the Pocket FM coins. Certainly, all the audio series included in this app are entertainment and self-improvement-focused, which most people appreciate. It is free to install on the both android and iOS stores.

All these web series available on Pocket FM have received an overall liking for their engaging and entertaining content. Users frequently listen to the content in this genre offered, that is likable. It makes the Pocket FM app a higher-level audio entertainment app in this market. 

KuKu FM and Audible are other alternatives to the Pocket FM app.

Pocket FM vs KuKu FM

Both applications are using different approaches to creating content. Pocket FM focuses on educational and self-improvement content, which is behind its success. KuKu Fm mainly focuses on entertainment content.

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