What is Programming Framework and Choose the Right One to Learn

Learning a programming language is not enough to get into big companies for a job. If you are a programmer or developer, learning any framework of the programming language is better. Yes, many prominent companies have been hiring people who have a lot of knowledge and working experience on the frameworks.’

So many companies will give the priorities to the framework learners. So don’t waste too much tie learning programming languages just get into the next step in programming which is frameworks. Choosing one of those frameworks to learn will be essential for getting the right IT job.

programming frameworks
Programming Frameworks

The framework is defined as the architecture of the design pattern to ease development. Many frameworks are Django for web, android for android os, node.js for backend, etc developed by the programming languages to make development easy. So choose the right framework for your programing language and learn it.

This article going to show the top and trendy development frameworks to learn by the programing language

Trending and Most Demanded Frameworks to Learn

  1. Django
  2.  Angular
  3.  Node.js
  4.  IOS Framework
  5.  Spring
  6.  Laravel
  7.  Flutter


Django is the Python web development framework. This framework used the MVT design pattern (Model View Template) to develop the application. Django was mainly developed to develop robust and high-security web applications. Also, it is used as a backend programming language. Python programming languages are used to develop web applications. 

For developing large projects Django framework will be robust and high-performance.


Angular is the front-end development rework for developing the front end of the web application. This framework was developed by the popular giant company Google. The majority of Google products use the formed framework to develop web applications. Front-end developers can choose this framework to learn. But learners should put an effort to learn this framework because this framework is more difficult to learn and understand rather than Vue.js, and React.js. To learn the Angular framework don’t need to go anywhere, angular has provided the documentation for beginners to learn the Angular framework easily. Just go through the framework and cover all the topics.

Angular learners must know javascript and typescript programming languages before getting started on angular.


Node is a backend programming framework to develop APIs and backend development. If you know the javascript programming languages, don’t have any hesitation to learn this framework. It is robust in server-side script development. LinkedIn and Netflix have used Node.js as the backend of their application. Visual studio code is the best IDE to develop node.js applications.

IOS Framework

Want to learn IOS application development, so must learn the IOS framework fastly. Without understanding the core framework of the IOS can’t develop IOS applications. Once understand and learn the IOS core development documentation, then start to develop an application. Objective-c was the primary language before the Swift programming language was introduced as the new associate programing language to develop the IOS application. So choosing the Swift language is better rather than Objective-c. The IOS developers are very in demand in this scenario. So if you are an IOS developer, easily become an IOS developer in mobile application development and core companies.


For Java developers, spring can choose a language to learn. Spring used the usual patterns proxy, singleton, and factory method patterns to build the applications. It is mainly used for the application’s backend development purpose. The Java programming language is used in the framework. So not knowing the Java programming language can’t read the documentation of the spring before. Because the Spring framework is hard to learn, learn all OOPS and design pattern concepts in the Java programing language before starting to learn the Spring framework.

Using the Spring framework can develop responsive and secure web applications with robustness.


Laravel is the backend framework to develop backend web applications and APIs. The framework was developed using the PHP programing language. Many people have been spreading wrong opinions on PHP, that is the PHP programming language era has comes to an end. But not yet, on the internet, any of the websites or applications have been running using the PHP language. Also could see the backend development jobs opportunities in the large job portal websites. So many of the recruiters have been hiring Laravel developers till now.

Currently, choosing the Laravel framework is a good choice. Laravel uses the MVC (Model View Controller) to develop the applications.


Flutter is one of the trending frameworks among cross-platform development frameworks. Even though there are several cross-platform frameworks available to develop cross-platform applications the Flutter framework is on top. To get started in the Flutter framework learn the Dart programming leagues which is the primary programming language of the Flutter application development. If you already have experience in JAVA, C++, or any kind of object-oriented programming language, learning dart programming is easy. Flutter is easy to develop applications and takes less time to build, so why are people moving to choose Flutter? It has a hot-reload facility to get quick development output.

Additional Tips

Not only learning the framework and programming languages makes you the master of it. So you must have development experience on the depending framework. Try to build some applications on that you learned framework. It will improve the development of knowledge.

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