7+ Amazing Tips for Beginning Bloggers

Howdy readers, good to see you all in the great article about blogging. So, starting blogging in this year makes it profitable. Blogging is one of the best ways to make money online. So, if you are interested to make some passive income online, blogging is the right one. Also, it has less work. Let’s see how you can start blogging and make some money on it.

tips for beginning bloggers
Tips for Beginning Bloggers

1. Choose Your Niche

Find out in which category you are going to publish articles or work. Most blogging beginners choose the wrong niche that they don’t know much knowledge about. So, always pick the niche that you like much or are related to your passion or work. When you choose the right niche for your blog, you can publish a valuable article because you would be known about that well. 

Some people choose the high CPC niches to make a profit from the advertisement networks. Indeed, there are no high CPC niches, everything is on your content. So, be passionate about your topic.

On the other hand, you can choose the micro-niche to publish an article on the same topic.

2. Buy a Domain

After, choosing the niche buy a domain front he trustworthy domain providers. Buying a domain that has the keyword of your niche makes ranking higher than other websites on the search engines. It will be good results in a ranking of the micro niche website. 

3. Host the Domain

If you are a beginner, recommended connecting your domain to the blogger platform. Blogger is owned by Google, LLC. Also, it is free, there are no charges to use this CMS. In the future, if you want to expand your site or secure your site, choosing WordPress is great. But, WordPress is very high expensive to host your domain on this CMS platform. There are a lot of features available in the WordPress platform. WordPress users can customize their site as wanted. 

4. Publish Articles Regularly

It is the key to success in blogging, to publish articles regularly. Also, create content unique and valuable. It is the key to the success of successful bloggers. Also, most beginners make the mistake is not publishing articles consistently.

5. Submit Sitemap

To reach all your articles to visitors, need to index your site on different search engines. For that need to submit the Sitemap on the search engine consoles and webmasters like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Baidu, etc.

6. Share your article

Initially, the bloggers will not get traffic from their blogs. So, try to share your articles on social media to know your article quality in front of the visitor’s comments. Once you have got a good response from your audience. If you want to monetize your blog on Adsense, a limit on sharing your article on social media. Because organic traffic is the best to make some revenue from the Adsense network.

7. Customize Your Site

Customizing your site with a good user experience is important. Because visitors should navigate with ease. Only add necessary widgets and options. Don’t customize yourself too much.

8. Add Necessary Pages

Every website should have the necessary pages like about us, contact us, disclaimer, privacy policy, and terms and conditions. Adding those important pages help visitors to contact, and know about the site and its policies and conditions.

9. Add Social Media Pages

Yes, connect the major social media platforms on your site to contact and get openings for the audience. It helps to resolve your audience queries by contacting them via social media. Also, there is an advantage likely no need to share email or contact number details.

10. Avoid mistakes when doing blogging

1. Wait for a while – some people make the mistake they left blogging for the reason of no traffic coming to the site. Traffic will not come until the website owner optimizes the site on the different search engines to drive organic traffic. So, learn some SEO basics and start implementing them on your site. Certainly, you could see good results from the SERPS within 2-4 weeks. Yes, ranking on search engines takes a lot of time. So be passionate and dedicated.

2. Don’t Copy Content – According to some reports, there are 70% of people copy content from different resources, and then publish those on their site. Plagiarised and Copied content is no value content likely considered by the search engines. So, there is no guarantee those articles going to be indexed on the search engine.

3. Avoid Post Contents That Already Exist – When publishing articles that already exist on the SERPS makes your content not unique and less valuable. Though, if you write an article on that particular keyword, try to add some more additional information to your pitch that is not written in those existing written articles. 

4. New bloggers not following the golden rule of blogging. Follow the golden rule “Time, Effort, Attention” – it is the rule every successive blogger has been following.

5. Not but not least – Built Authority to your site. Blogging beginners should build authority on the site. If your authority is strong online, people will know the content is from an authoritative and trustworthy site.

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