Claim Township Promo Codes List in February 2024

Howdy Readers, if you are looking for a Township promo code to redeem in-game rewards, you are in the right place. Promo codes are often offered by the game’s developers as a way to reward players and provide special bonuses to enhance user engagement. These codes can be used to unlock a variety of rewards, such as in-game currency, coins, gems, building materials, and special items.

Township Game

Township is a farming and city-building game made by Playrix for various platforms. In the game, players grow crops, build factories, and produce goods to develop their towns. The objective is to connect different farming and industrial activities, earn money, expand, and grow the population to make the town thrive. Township was first on WhatsApp Social as an Adobe Flash app and later became available on various app stores like the App Store, Google Play, and others.

Township, initially launched on Google+ in 2011 and later on Facebook, underwent a redesign before being introduced to smartphones. This marked Playrix’s debut in the mobile gaming market, with releases on iOS in 2012 and Android in 2013. Over the first six years, developers continuously updated the game, implementing over sixty improvements. Notably, in 2015, they completely rebuilded the in-game graphics and expanded the maximum number of levels from 38 to 90.

township promo codes
Township Promo Codes

What is Township Promo Codes

Township promo codes are special codes provided by the game’s company official company as a way to gain players and offer exclusive bonuses within the game. These codes can typically be redeemed within the game interface to unlock various in-game rewards, such as currency, coins, gems, building materials, or special items.

Tips to Find Township Promo Codes

Players can often find these promo codes through official Township social media channels, newsletters, events, or partnerships with other companies. Redeeming these codes can enhance the gaming experience and provide players with additional resources to progress within the game.

Not only that, To find Township game promo codes, you can check the game’s official social media pages, such as Facebook or Twitter. You can also sign up for the game’s newsletter to receive updates and exclusive promo codes. Additionally, some gaming websites may offer promo codes for Township as part of a promotion or giveaway.

Claim the Township Promo Codes

If you’re unsure how to redeem Township promo codes, don’t worry! We’ll guide you through the process step by step.

  1. Open the Township game on your Android or iPhone device.
  2. Look for the settings icon located on the top left corner of the screen and tap on it.
  3. A new pop-up window will appear. Click on the “Enter Promo Code” button.
  4. Enter the promo code you copied into the designated box, then tap the submit button.
  5. After redeeming the code, check your game account to find the rewards you’ve unlocked.

Remember: Township promo codes have expiration dates. Be sure to redeem them promptly when you see them. Some codes may only be available for a limited time or to a limited number of players.

Township Game Game Play: A Fun and Addictive Way to Build and Manage Your Own Town

Township is a fun game where you create and run your own virtual world. Made by Playrix for smartphones, it puts you in charge of a town with farms, factories, and landmarks.

Starting small, you gradually grow your town by adding more buildings, growing crops, and making stuff. As your town grows, more people move in, needing more things. You’ll have to manage your resources and decide what to build next to keep your town thriving.

What makes Township special is how you can connect with players worldwide. You can trade goods, compete in events, and work together in co-ops to earn rewards. This social part makes the game even more fun.

Township looks great too, with colorful visuals and cute animations that make your town feel alive. There’s always something new to see, whether you’re tending to crops or watching your trains go by.

The game keeps getting updates with fresh events and features. You’ll always have new crops to grow, buildings to construct, and seasonal challenges to tackle.

Overall, Township is a super fun and addictive game that anyone can enjoy. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just looking for something to pass the time, it’s a game that will keep you hooked with its mix of building, managing, and connecting with others.

How to Get Building Materials in Township

  1. Making in Factories: Build factories to make different materials. Put workers there to start making stuff like bricks, glass, or planks.
  2. Growing Crops: Some materials, like crops, grow on farms. Plant and harvest crops like wheat, corn, and cotton to get materials for making other things.
  3. Completing Orders: Do tasks for your town’s people, helicopter, or train station. They’ll give you materials as rewards. Keep an eye on tasks that offer the materials you need.
  4. Mining: Unlock and work in the mine to get ores and valuable stuff. You can turn these into building materials like iron, gold, and silver.
  5. Joining Events: Township has events where you can win rewards, including building materials. Finish tasks in these events to get special materials and prizes.
  6. Trading with Friends: Connect with friends or join groups to trade extra materials. You can swap what you have too much of for what you need, helping each other out.

By using these ways, you can collect materials and grow your town in Township.

Working Township Promo Codes February 13, 2024

  • FREEGIFT2023 – Free rewards
  • FREEBONUS2023 – Free rewards
  • TOWNSHIPFUN – 100 T-Cash
  • TOWNSHIPLOVE – 100 T-Cash and a heart decoration
  • SPRING2023 – In-Game Gifts
  • WENDYHLADKY – Redeem this code to get 100 T-Cash.
  • Jingle-Bells -New
  • CROPS– New
  • MINE– New
  • TOWNSHIPAPRILFOOLS – Redeem for a special prank decoration
  • TOWNSHIPGAMELOFT: Get 250 T-cash (one-time use)
  • 5YRS-TOWNSHIP: Receive a special decoration item (one-time use)
  • TOWNSHIPLOVE: Get 100 T-cash (one-time use)
  • XMAS-TO19: Get holiday-themed decorations (one-time use)


What are Township’s Season Adventures?

Season Adventures in Township are special events where players complete tasks and challenges to earn rewards. These events often have unique themes and offer exclusive prizes.

What is the Community Market in Township?

The Community Market is a feature in Township where players can buy and sell items with each other. It’s a great way to trade resources, complete orders, and help each other out.

How do Township Co-ops work?

Township Co-ops are groups of players who work together to achieve common goals. Members can chat, trade goods, and participate in cooperative events to earn rewards and bonuses.

What are Township’s Regatta races?

Regatta races in Township are competitive events where players compete against each other to complete tasks and challenges.

What is Township’s Zoo feature?

Township’s Zoo feature allows players to build and manage their own zoo. They can collect animals, create habitats, and attract visitors to earn rewards and expand their zoo.

What are Township’s Helicopter Orders?

Helicopter Orders are special tasks in Township where players fulfill orders from visiting helicopters to earn rewards. These orders often require specific goods and provide bonus rewards for completion.

What is the Laboratory feature in Township?

The Laboratory is a unique building in Township where players can conduct experiments to discover new technologies and unlock advanced features. It’s a key aspect of town development and progression.

What is the Township Academy?

The Township Academy is an educational institution where players can send their town’s residents to learn new skills and abilities. It helps improve the efficiency and productivity of various town activities.

How do Township’s Seasonal Events work?

Township’s Seasonal Events are limited-time events that coincide with real-world holidays and seasons. Players participate in themed activities and quests to earn exclusive rewards and decorations for their town.

What is Township’s Global Market?

The Global Market in Township is a marketplace where players can trade goods with other players from around the world. It offers a wide variety of items and resources, making it easier to find what you need and sell surplus goods.

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Social Media Official Accounts Of Township Game

If you need assistance with the Township app, you can contact their technical support or helpdesk through their official social media accounts. They have dedicated teams ready to assist users with any issues, questions, or concerns they may encounter while playing the game. Whether it’s troubleshooting technical problems, getting clarification on game features, or seeking general assistance, reaching out to Township’s support channels is a reliable way to receive prompt and helpful assistance.

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