10+ Incredibly Useful WordPress Plugins to Install in 2024

The inevitable WordPress plugins need to be installed on the WordPress site. All these plugins are available in free and paid versions for download.

wordpress plugins
WordPress Plugins

1. Ads.txt WordPress Plugins

Ads.txt is the plugin used to add the ads.txt code on AdSense-monetized sites. All monetized sites should have the ads.txt file in the root domain. Therefore, the administrator needs to access the Cpanel admin panel to upload the ads.txt file containing the code through the file manager.

There is an ads.txt plugin designed to simplify the process for WordPress users, enabling them to add the code directly from the WordPress panel. Once the ads.txt plugin is installed, navigate to the WordPress menu > Settings > Ads.txt, then paste the ads.txt code and save. The ads.txt file is now successfully added to the domain.

The ads.txt file is located on the domain, following a path similar to…


ads.txt Location Path

If you fail to upload the ads.txt file on the monetized domain, it may result in a reduction of revenue for that domain

2. AdInvalid Click Protector

The AdInvalid Click Protector is a fantastic WordPress plugin designed to safeguard monetized sites from ad attacks. Occasionally, competitors or individuals with malicious intent may target your monetized site with invalid clicks, ad bomb attacks, or by sending bots to click on the ads for various reasons. In such situations, installing the AdInvalid Click Protector proves beneficial in protecting your site from these activities.

The only action required after installing this plugin is to wrap all your ad code within a div container.

Essentially, the div container code will be as follows:

<div class=”aicp”> Advertisement Code </div>

Also, you can set how many times users may click the ad. When the user tries to click the ad beyond the specified ad click limit, the AdInvalid Click Protector will ban the user for the designated duration in the settings.

Undoubtedly, it is a great plugin for all WordPress users. Everyone should install this plugin to avoid invalid activities on their monetized site.

3. Yoast SEO

Properly implementing SEO techniques in your articles is crucial because SEO is essential for driving organic traffic from search engines. So, if you don’t know how to apply SEO techniques to rank on search engines for your WordPress site, the Yoast SEO plugin can assist you. There is no blogger without using the Yoast SEO plugin.

Yoast SEO is the ultimate plugin that delivers effective results for search engines. While there are limited features in the free version, you need to go premium to unlock all the features

Features of the Yoast SEO

Paragraph Structure, Keyword Density, Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease, Meta Description, Link Support, Prior Keyword Usage, Keyword Use in Subheadings, Permalink Cleanups, Social Sharing, and more.

4. Table of Contents

Presenting an article with a table of contents is a good habit. When the user visits the right, the table of contents will give the overall. This plugin automatically will extract the heading tags, and lists items to display the table of contents. So, need to list out the table of contents whenever the post going to be published.

5. Akismet

It is the popular WordPress plugin to protect the site from spam. So, some visitors can spam your site with spam comments, sending spambots for various purposes. The Akismet plug-in helps your site from those spam activities.

6. Wp File manager

WP file manager is the plug-in to manage your Cpanel and WordPress filesystem. So, WordPress users don’t need to go on the Cpanel every time to manage files after installing this plugin.

7. RSS Aggregator

For bloggers, it is easy to generate a feed for Blogspot using the FeedBurner. However, in WordPress, it is difficult to create an RSS feed. So, the RSS Aggregator simplifies everything in generating the RSS feed. An RSS feed contains information generated by the RSS system of the website.

Once the RSS Aggregator plugin is installed, the feed URL will be like the one below,


RSS Feed Link

8. WP Forms

Simply generate contact forms, business forms, and all types of forms using the wp forms plug-in. It is simple to generate the WordPress forms by simply dragging and dropping.

9. Redirection

Redirection is the plugin used to redirect pages to another page. It is a necessary plugin when you need to redirect the 404 pages to another page. Or sometimes the page permalink could be changed for some reason, so the broken permalink should be redirected to the original permalink.

10. Google Sitekit

The all-in one plug-in connects google analytics, Google Search Console, Page Speed, and more by using Google Sitekit. So the google Sitekit places all the necessary script codes on the WordPress header like Adsense code, google analytics tracking code, google search console verification code, and more. Not only that, Sitekit users can monitor all the activities in front of the WordPress admin panel.

11. Litespeed Cache

To access all the features of the LiteSpeed Cache, the hosted server must be a LiteSpeed or LiteSpeed-powered server.

Website speed is a factor in the ranking, so when the website speed is fast, the ranking of the pages will be higher on SERPs. So, the LiteSpeed Cache plugin helps to accelerate the website speed by removing unnecessary CSS, JavaScript, and more.

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